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Meat Liquor – All you need tonight

When I am looking for something different in London I always give my cousin a call, she is such a foodie and manages to discover the best places to visit. When I told her I want good food and drinks but with a different atmosphere she knew exactly where to point me to. Just behind Bond Street there is a hidden restaurant called Meat Liquor and just like the name states, that’s exactly what you get.

Going on a Saturday night might be a bad idea since the queue outside is crazy long and might take up to two hours to get seated. But any other day it is definitely worth a visit, entering the place is dark with graffiti infused walls and loud music. It sort of feels like you discovered a forbidden dungeon which makes the experience even more thrilling.

The menu is quite simple with wings, fries and of course burgers. I have visited this place over and over again because everything on the menu is so good! And the prices are even better, for the restaurant’s location I expected the prices to be excruciating, but on the contrary they are very reasonable.

My top picks will have to be the Buffalo wings, dead hippie burger and chilli cheese fries. My advice build a good appetite before going, it will be well worth it!

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