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Signorelli – Mediterranean bakery

On a Sunday morning I love to stroll around places that are close to my house and, explore the neighbourhood, as I say. Usually since I live in London, it is a rainy Sunday and my laziness gets the better of me. But when the sun is out my energy boosts up and I am ready for exploring.

Since I live in Stratford, London, there are a lot of new things happening around the Olympic park. One of the new cafes that opened is Signorelli, a Mediterranean bakery using fresh ingredients which are made there and with gluten and sugar free options.

I wanted to find somewhere that I can have a healthy breakfast and enjoy the view. The area around is new and beautiful with little ponds and plenty of greenery. There is also a sense of tranquility about this neighbourhood, no cars passing and very quiet. You can see yourself with a good book sitting near the pond and enjoying your fresh juice or coffee.

My advice is to have a look at the menu, not only the sign board, since there are a lot more options than you initially see. I had a coffee and plain avocado on toast as I had just finished at the gym and wanted something light. The service does take longer then expected but since it is a new café I will excuse them on that.

The whole area around is beautiful, with a small market down the road if you also want to pick up some fresh fruit or vegetables. Big pillows to lie down in the grass on a sunny day, and a gelateria which caught my eye and I will definitely review that soon!

food, drink

food, drink

food, drink

sweets, food, drinks

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