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Zumba your way to fitness

Deciding to go to a zumba class was not an easy decision for me …

I am so un-coordinated so as you can understand, dancing is not my strong point. When ghetto zumba came to Gymbox Stratford though, I decided it was now or never.

Entering the class the instructor was very energetic with a great big smile and made sure to tell us that this is a fitness class above all so, if we cant keep up we can just move to our own rhythm. This was very reassuring since I have never taken part in a dance class before.

The music was great with the latest R&B playing loudly and everyone really getting into the dance. It felt like been fourteen again in my room with my girlfriends dancing around to Spice Girls! The dances included a lot of squats but not in a boring way, there’s just something thrilling about squatting to Rihanna’s (bitch better have my money). The steps were fast paced but they are repeated so many times that even I got the hang of it.

My main worry before attending the class was that professional dancers would surround me and I would be intimidated. The reality is yes, there were people that had obviously done this before but there were others just like me. The warm up and stretching both involve dancing which was a nice change from the usual jumping jacks and pushups involved in other fitness classes.

In general it was a zumba lesson with a ghetto twist, a 45 minute class that makes you feel like you are in the movie Bring it on. There is no doubt that it is fun and cool and by the time you finish you won’t believe how much you sweated and how much you smiled. I have to admit that I love ghetto zumba and I bet you will to!

fitness, dance

Photo from: Gymbox

dancing, fitness, gym

Photo from: Gymbox